What the MAMMI study is about

MAMMI stands for Maternal health And Maternal Morbidity in Ireland. It is a study to look into the health and health problems of women during pregnancy and during the year after the birth.

Why we are doing this study

The MAMMI Study is a longitudinal study investigating the health and well-being of 2600 women having their first baby. The study, which started in January 2012, was set up to fill in some of the gaps in current research regarding women's physical and mental health around childbirth in Ireland. Common experiences after childbirth include pain, urinary and bowel problems, changes affecting sexual health and emotional health and difficulties in intimate partner relationships.

All of the surveys ask you about these issues because we have no information on the number of women affected by these issues in Ireland.

The surveys ask a lot of the same questions at the different times and because of this, we will be able to study the problems that get better and those that get worse.

Click on the relevant images below to download the surveys: